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Wed Oct 24 06:56:16 BST 2007

Hi Marc

Am Dienstag, den 23.10.2007, 23:08 +0200 schrieb Marc Luethi:
> Coming to think of it... While I appreciate the effort for a Swiss
> Remix
> and find the concept somewhat appealing, I cannot help but wonder:
> Under
> which rock has this project been hiding up to now, just three weeks
> befor the release party?
> I haven't read a single word about it here on the list, in #ubuntu-ch
> on
> irc.freenode.net, nor on any of the (sub)pages of
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SwissTeam 
> 2000 CDs is a lot - if not outright bold - but what have we been
> making
> efforts to become an official Ubuntu Team for, then? We can get
> official
> Ubuntu CDs - and have ordered them already.
> I concede that there's a noble side to ch/open/ sponsoring a huge pack
> of Ubuntu Swiss Remix CDs, and that the Linux and Ubuntu cause could
> profit a lot from support and backing by organisations like /ch/open.
> Yet, without prior contact and dialogue with Ubuntu SwissTeam before
> nudging un-asked-for support onto them - support with the supporter's
> name on it, notabene ("organisiert und finanziert durch ...") - the
> whole idea leaves a somewhat strange taste - at least on my tongue.

Sorry for the confusion. I didn't know until recently that there will be
a bunch of Ubuntu CDs at the event. I'm bothering many people within the
Swiss FLOSS community since weeks in order to produce a large quantity
of CDs after an Ubuntu release. Nobody had confirmed that there will be
CDs so I thought on doing it myself. I'm just a very big fan of Ubuntu
and would like to spread it among teachers, business people, academics
etc. and distribute it at OpenExpo, OSS an Schulen events etc. But it's
only a test run, if things go wrong I won't repeat it.

Concerning the case I don't care much what's written on its back. So if
you wish to change the text or add something such as "Swiss Ubuntu
Community: www.ubuntu.ch" or another address just let me know.

Best, Matthias

Matthias Stürmer | matthias at stuermer.ch | http://stuermer.ch

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