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Fri Nov 9 10:15:10 GMT 2007

Hi Ramon

Your offering is really very attractive, congrats! 

BTW, Tell-IT offers Kubuntu 7.04 on Lenovo laptops: 

(in order to increase competition in the OSS market place ;)

However, Ramons offer is better since you don't buy a Windows license.

Best, Matthias

Am Freitag, den 09.11.2007, 09:46 +0100 schrieb Ramon Cahenzli:
> Hello ch-list
> I hope this is not considered spamming, but I found the timing of Arthur van 
> Dorp's request for an Ubuntu-preinstalled PC very extraordinary and it might 
> bring my announcement into better context:
> Starting today, I can offer a huge array of Fujitsu-Siemens computers (FSC) 
> with Ubuntu preinstalled! No Windows tax involved either: No operating system 
> other than Ubuntu has ever gotten anywhere near these machines. We're 
> starting with just a few models and taking it from there.
> Additionally, Fujitsu-Siemens has agreed to let us offer very special prices 
> for students, faculty and staff of Swiss universities and other higher 
> education institutions. The prices are extremely attractive with up to 20% 
> off retail.
> We are a certified Ubuntu OEM (cert in progress) and are selling our selection 
> through two stores:
> http://ubuntu.zhdk.ch (the store with extra-low student/educational prices)
> http://ch.lincomp.eu (the store for everyone, under the Lincomp brand)
> A desktop machine, as Arthur was interested in, will be added to our selection 
> in the coming weeks. However: If you see anything in the Fujitsu-Siemens 
> lineup that you would like to order with Ubuntu on it, please let me know and 
> I'm sure I can arrange something. Also, if you're thinking about equipping an 
> office with several new machines and want to install the OS yourself (no-OS 
> option), I can help too.
> Through Marcus Möller's Lincomp label and store, we're currently supplying 
> machines and Ubuntu books to Switzerland and Germany, but all of Europe is 
> the target in the end.
> Our hardware warranty and support is handled directly through our hardware 
> partner and they are totally clued-in about this Ubuntu business, so you 
> won't get any "but we don't cover machines that had LUNIX on them!!!!!" 
> nonsense when asking for hardware support.
> The machines themselves are almost hand-built in Germany. FSC is one of the 
> few manufacturers that still believe in Europe as a manufacturing location 
> instead of outsourcing everything to Taiwan, and that's one of the reasons 
> I've picked them. I was actually inside the FSC factory in Augsburg, Germany 
> yesterday and watched people build individual mainboards and entire 
> individually constructed PCs. It's quite impressive and worthy of supporting, 
> IMHO. Additionally, they're getting very green right about now, with lines of 
> power-saving computers and servers, a line of mainboards manufactured without 
> some of the toxic components you find in others etc. They seem to have some 
> sort of conscience.
> Those of you who know me might remember how I've been talking about this store 
> for several months already. Now things have been arranged, the right people 
> have been talked to. It took longer than I thought, but now it's finally 
> real, and I'm very happy and relieved!
> As a last idea, if any of you would be interested in cooperating here, 
> offering the same products through your own store or company, the groundwork 
> is done now. It will now be much easier to do this, at least with 
> Fujitsu-Siemens products. Just let me know.
> Now: </spam> :)
> Ramon

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