[Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo report

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 22:43:26 GMT 2007

Hi everybody,
Thanks to Bartux and Rashunda you have seen the photos of our stand
and our fantastic crew. We had a great time, discussing among us,
mingling and networking with the other open-source groups around and,
of course, explaining Ubuntu and answering questions from all the
people coming to our stand. I think our stand was popular, and pretty
crowded from time to time.

We got rid of almost all the CDs, they were really popular. We only
have some powerpc and amd64 CDs left. And before we ran out of CDs, we
were lucky to finally receive the flyers! Although we spread them out
as much we could, we still have thousands left. We distributed the
leftovers among us so just tell if you need some. We'll arrange a
Feisty Release Party soon, and that will be a good opportunity to
share the flyers further.

The ubuntu-on-a-stick USB memory stick was not a great success, there
was some interest, but most people were just happy with the free CDs.
So I have a stock of 20 USB sticks left, that I will ship back to
Andreas' company. But if anyone wants to buy one, please tell me as
soon as possible, and I can keep some and bring to the Feisty party or
another Ubuntu meet-up, or mail them to you if you pay the postage.
They are 1GB for 20 CHF (cheaper than in the shops), good quality,
rubberized, water-tight and pretty unbreakable. Flash Voyager
http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/flash_memory.html and comes with

You can choose the contents of your USB stick: Empty, Edgy Desktop, or
Feisty Desktop!

(We pay 19 to the shop, the extra 1 CHF goes towards postage for
sending back the rest, and if there is any +/- it goes into the
flyer-printing pot.)

The flyer printing was only 106 CHF and I will call for contributions
once the USB stick balance is sorted out.

We were invited to repeat the success at the next OpenExpo in Zurich
in September, and we have most of our material ready! Looking forward
to meet new and old Ubunteros then!


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