[Ubuntu-ch] Contact informations on our home page - last call!

Sébastien Marty ubuntu at bidouille.ch
Tue Jun 19 21:09:21 BST 2007

Hi Myriam,

I prefered to delete myself from the page instead of being erased by
some one else (an old honor stuff)


Le lundi 18 juin 2007 à 13:56 +0200, Myriam Rita Schweingruber a écrit :
> Hi all,
> there still are some people who are listed in the "Regional contacts" list on 
> our home page who, despite various calls from us, have not given any contact 
> details. This is totally useless and should be corrected ASAP! 
> The following people, please update your contact information and provide at 
> least a working e-mail address or a link to a wiki page or website where 
> people can find your contact details:
> - Mathieu Bornoz (link to empty wiki page, no contact details at all)
> - Lilian Robert (link to a wiki page without contact details at all)
> - Antivirax aka Sebastien Marty (wiki page asking to get in touch with him on 
> #ubuntu-ch where I haven't seen him in many weeks, link to Launchpad account 
> without e-mail address)
> - Tenzin Trepp (link to an unreadable wiki page, no contact details)
> - Mari Iseli (no link, no e-mail address)
> - Thomas Helfrich (link to website without contact details)
> - Mich Wyser (no link, no e-mail address)
> - Numer0bis (no link, no e-mail address)
> - François Terrier (link to a non existant wiki page, no e-mail address)
> - Ruben Richiger (no link, no e-mail address)
> Your listing will be deleted by if by Friday 22nd you have not updated it by 
> then.
> Thanks for providing your details !
> Regards
> Myriam

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