[Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo registration submitted

calimarno at bluewin.ch calimarno at bluewin.ch
Thu Jun 14 09:59:21 BST 2007

Hi eveybody,

I would like very much to come, but the exam session ends on 
september 20th. As soon as I know when I have my examinations dates, 
I will tell you if it is possible for me to come. However, I probably 
can't help very much for the preparation, because I'll be quite 

The other concern of mine is that I don't understand perfectly 
swiss german ("nur es bitzli";)) and I don't know if it is really a 
problem. I'm not too bad speaking german, because I'm since three 
years in Zuirch. I think you don't all speak fluently swiss german, 
do you?

Last thing : I live near the Event550-Halle in Zürich-Oerlikon (not 
more than 1km) and I could store material if needed or perhaps host 
one person, which would like to stay both days and live a bit far 
from Zürich.

Have a nice day all
Viva Ubuntu

Arnaud / Calimarno


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>De: carlos at diener.li
>Date: 14.06.2007 09:24
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>Objet: [Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo registration submitted
>Hi together,
>I've just submitted the registration form for the OpenExpo in 
>Now we need YOU for participation on the OpenExpo. Please check 
the date 
>september 19/20th 2007 and reserve it for the OpenExpo.
>Many thanks!
>Carlos / emonkey
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