[Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo 2007 Zurich - Call for Action!

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 22:43:42 BST 2007

OpenExpo Wed 19./Thu 20. September 2007 in Zürich-Oerlikon

Hi Ubuntu fans!
We have got several requests from the OpenExpo organizers if we want
to come to this OpenExpo in Zurich in September as well. The Ubuntu
stand in Bern was very well received and obviously we are welcome
back. Go to http://www.openexpo.ch/ and see which stand they show on
the picture :)

We don't want to disappoint anyone, do we? But now the deadline for
registration is in one week, June 15th. And nothing gets done without
some people doing it...

Before we file the application, we should make sure that we have
enough people interested in coming to participate at the stand. That's
most urgent.

It would also be good if someone took the lead and headed the
coordination. I had the pleasure of doing something in that direction
last time, but now I would gladly let it be someone else's turn. Just
write some e-mails and try to make sure things are prepared and in
time. It's a great chance to contribute to the SwissTeam!

Since we have most things ready from last time, everything should be
easy: we've got flyers and extra posters, as an official team we'll
get shiPloads of CDs, and we're riding the Ubuntu wave... Those of us
who participated last time had lots of fun, I hope some others also
can testify on that.

I suggest that people who are interested and so far think they can
come, tell us on the list or sign up at the wiki page that is in

I have the old application handy for cut'n'paste if the coordinator
would like it.

See you there!
Best regards,

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