[Ubuntu-ch] HEIG-VD on the raod to freedom

Myriam Rita Schweingruber schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch
Wed Jul 4 06:15:50 BST 2007

On Wednesday, 4 July 2007 00.57:26 Tribaal wrote:
> Hi list!
> Just a little notice to warm our hearts a little: the HEIG-VD school
> which I attend plans to move as much software as possible from Microsoft
> to free software equivalents.

Great news! I was in discussion yesterday with someone of the HEI-FR who have 
not yet made this step, let's hope this will come next.

> Do we have some flyers sitting somewhere? I'd guess we hand out some in
> linux conventions, but do we have some in stock somewhere or a tip to
> print them?
I have flyers in my car I brought back from LinuxTag in Berlin, but I'm sure 
we could order more for our team. How many would you need?


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