[Ubuntu-ch] Would like to become involved in Swiss Ubuntu Group

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Jeu 25 Jan 10:15:26 GMT 2007

Dear Arnaud/SwissTeam,
I had a look at the Swisslinux web site. A lot of great stuff!
Unfortunately only in French. I missed a link to a mailing list. Do
you have an open mailing list?

I also noticed you had only 15 members in 2006. If you want more
members and activities I have some suggestions:

1. Make it more open (mailing list etc). Open the wiki so people can
just register and start translating if and when they want. It's in the
free software and open-source spirit to be totally transparent and

2. The membership fee is a threshold that puts people off, even if
it's an symbolical sum. Are you obliged (as a legal association) to
demand a fee? Is it otherwise necessary? I read that the main reason
is the domain hosting. How much is that? (I only saw 45 CHF for last
year). I think you can find sponsors that will do or finance this for
you. I am willing to donate myself, if you drop that member fee. Lots
of people like free beer, and many are willing to give free beer as
well :)

3. Is the general assembly tomorrow open for non-members? Are there
means to participate remotely (video conference/streaming, IRC)? If
yes and yes, I would like to join and present my ideas. Otherwise I
hope you can mention this in the meeting.

Good luck and all the best,
Tormod Volden

PS. will there be a SwissLinux stand at OpenExpo?

On 1/25/07, calimarno at opensourcewizards.org
<calimarno at opensourcewizards.org> wrote:
> We'll have our general assembly tomorrow in Lausanne and will discuss
> about that. If you're interessted, I can report here what will be said.
> I personnaly don't know if I can come on the OpenExpo, but I will let
> you know if it is the case.
> Best regards,
> Arnaud

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