[Ubuntu-ch] "Swiss Digital Millennium Copyright Act"

Bart Rochat barochat at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 14:19:33 GMT 2007

Dear All,

I am sending this email to the ubuntu list even if I know that there is 
no direct connection between its subject and ubuntu. So please, for all 
of you who think that I should not use this list, please accept my apology.

As I said, there is no direct link to ubuntu, but as many of us chose 
ubuntu/gnu/linux because of freedom, we should also be aware of what is 
happening within Switzerland about our very freedom. Two months ago, on 
October the 5th, a federal decree has been voted which implicate a 
modification of the law related to intellectual property and copyrights. 
This laws will have big consequences especially about so called 
“violations of technical protection measures” (for instance DRM).

Do not get me wrong, I am not defending here the right to steal music or 
other copyrighted material, but the right of owning the things you buy. 
As an exemple, if you legally by drm protected music, you will not be 
able to listen to it on your ubuntu plateform and if you try to do so, 
you can be punished and be treated as a criminal for that.

Therefore I am just asking you to get informed about this subject 
because the press did not really informed us. Also for those who want to 
react it is not too late, as there is now, and until the 24. of January, 
the possibility to sign a federal referendum so that the swiss people 
can vote about this law. 50'000 signatures are needed! You will find 
here bellow a few link about the subject.

It is not to late but we have very little time!

Thank You and best regards
Barthélémy Rochat

The law modification
in German: http://www.admin.ch/ch/d/ff/2007/7201.pdf
in French: http://www.admin.ch/ch/f/ff/2007/6805.pdf

No Swiss DMCA: more Info and possibility to download referendum sheets 
against the Revision of the Copyright act as of 5. October 2007 

Direct link to the referendum Sheets:
in German: http://www.no-dmca.ch/RUrheberRG_Unterschriftenliste_d.pdf
in French: http://www.no-dmca.ch/RUrheberRG_Unterschriftenliste_f.pdf
in Italian:  http://www.no-dmca.ch/RUrheberRG_Unterschriftenliste_i.pdf 

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