[Ubuntu-ch] Exhibition at the FIT ("ETH") in Zurich

Adrian Kobler kobler at ssd.ethz.ch
Mon Aug 13 17:49:17 BST 2007

Hi guys

Some of you may remember - I was the 100th happy member to join this
list. To be perfectly honest: I had something in my mind already back
then and that was the main reason I signed up (apart from all the other
good reasons - it has been very interesting since)

Anyway, lets get straight to the main point: I'm working in my free time
at a small student shop at the FIT (= federal institute of technology,
ETH in German) in Zurich. We're an NPO and most of our employees work
there without payment. Our motivation is mainly to offer students the
best products for the best price possible and we have agreements with
all major computer manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo - you name it.

As it is some kind of a tradition now, there's always a special
promotion going on during the start of the semester. Some of you may
have heard about "Neptun", the official project of the FET. Well, we're
partnering with them, but we also have our own little promotion going on
(usually with the manufacturers which are not part of Neptun so that we
can provide a very broad range of notebook at a very low price)

So far for the overall picture, but now to why I write this to this
list: As part of our promotion, we have an exhibition going on at the
main building in the main hall of the FIT at which we will show all the
laptops (our own as well as the ones from "Neptun") and other useful
gadgets for students. And there usually will be some guys from Dell, HP,
and so on. This exhib will take place on Monday, 24. of September.

And since I'm a fan of Ubuntu, I thought about using this event to make
it more popular (or at least more known) amongst the students. And
that's where I would be happy about your support. Here are some ideas I had:

a) I have already ordered two of the posters which Tribaal offered to
organise (for which I'm very gladful) - those surely will get a
prominent place at the exhib.
b) As Ubuntu offers free CD's, I'll try and order some of them.
Unfortunately, it is quite hard to get them in bigger quantities as it
would be nice for this event. But I've heard that we as an official loco
team could arrange some more - is there any chance I could get some of
(Of course we already have them in our shop to give away to students,
but that stock won't last much longer...)
c) If anyone of you has time it would be great of course, if we could
have some "official ubuntu guy" at the exhibition who would be there for
questions and some small advice. Just to convince the students about the
benefits of ubuntu, not for real support.
d) If you have any further ideas, just let me know. Point is we don't
have a lot of money to spend for huge promotional gimmicks, but if you
have a cool idea or anything don't hesitate to contact me.

So, thats about it from my part. Now I'm courious about your thoughts :)

Have a nice week and best regards,


P.S. I write from my official shop - account to make it more like kind
of an "official request for support". If you wish I can switch back to
my Ubuntu address :)
Webadmin und Product Management      E-Mail   : kobler at ssd.ethz.ch
Stiftung Studenten Discount          Web Site : http://www.ssd.ethz.ch
Postbuero ETH-Zentrum                Phone    : 044 632 47 21
8092 Zuerich                         Fax      : 044 632 10 32
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