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raymond raymondh40 at
Fri Mar 24 12:14:47 UTC 2017

On 2017-03-24 08:11 AM, frank wrote:
> Typically, that's how it should work. The Outbox is just a temporary
> "holding pen" for your email. Once the message has been delivered it
> leaves the Outbox and you'll find it in the Sent folder (and the Inbox
> of the recipient, hopefully).
> On 2017-03-24 07:16 AM, raymond wrote:
>> Hi, when I send  email via thunderbird nothing is shown in the outbox
>> but I can see it in the Gmail sent mail.I have looked at thunderbird
>> help and trouble shooting and I find nothing about the outbox, why are
>> my sent messages not shown in the outbox? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
> Hi Frank, thanks, good to know, I wont try to fix what is not broken!

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