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Stephen, let me get this straight, if the messages go though gmail anyway
why is this different than using gmail? I looked up Wiki and the
explanation there is what you tell me using MTA,s and MDA,s.

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> On 2017-03-15 12:39 PM, Raymond House wrote:
> > Hi Bob, thanks for the explanation, I have read this before and I like
> the idea but How do I go about setting this up?
> > If I send an email using Thunderbird does it not go through gmail
> anyway?This is the part I don't understand.
> If you're using Google as your email provider, yes, it will go through
> Google.
> When you send mail, it goes through a mail transfer agent (MTA), usually
> using SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol). A
> network of MTas talk to each other over the internet to send and receive
> mail just like the post office does.
> Eventually your email wil end up on another machine somewhere designated
> as the mail deliver agent (MDA), where it waits
> for you to retrieve it and read it.  MDAs usually provide either POP3
> (post office protocol version 3) or IMAP (internet
> mail access protocol) to let you pick up your messages.
> Your mail user agent (MUA) is what lets you read your email, and that
> could be Thunderbird or an online webmail service
> you use through a browser.
> When you're using a gmail address, Google is providing three services for
> you.
> (1) an identity (your gmail address), used to authentication and
> authorization
> (2) an MTA used to send email
> (3) an MDA, used to receive email
> optionally, they provide a webmail MUA so you can read email.
> If you want to set up Thunderbird [1] as your MUA instead, you need to
> configure your account to use your gmail
> identity, use the google SMTP server as your MTA, and use the google POP3
> or (preferably) IMAP server as your MDA.
> Then, your mail starts appearing in the message pane and you can reply.
> [1]
> and-Gmail/ta-p/14181
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