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Hi Raymond: I use Thunderbird (actually Icedove) with my mail server,, so my mail only goes to gmail if I send it to someone with
an address. If I send to someone else the mail
never even leaves my server.

Yes, you can set up Thunderbird to use gmail, and that will go a long
way to giving you more control over your own mail. That's actually a
good first step, because if you decide you don't like Thunderbird
after all then you can go right back to using the Web interface and
nothing has changed.

Switching your e-mail to another service provider (like
or is a bit more involved.  Since gmail allows IMAP
access you can use Thunderbird to see your folders on the gmail
server, and just copy the entire mailbox to another provider using
Thunderbird (or a utility like imapcopy). Unfortunately, some mail
services like Yahoo don't provide IMAP access, so you can't use your
own MUA with Yahoo mail (nor imapcopy), so it becomes much more
difficult to transfer your mail to another provider. offers secure e-mail with access through IMAP
and SMTP (I haven't used it, so I can't give a recommendation).
ProtonMail and Tutanota are two other popular secure e-mail providers,
but they don't offer IMAP+SMTP access.

For those people using Rogers as their ISP, you should know that
they're using Yahoo mail. Yahoo is one of the worst mail providers out
there -- it's not compatible with most mailing list software, and has
unknown anti-spam rules so that people with addresses don't
even know they're not getting all their mail.

- --Bob


On 2017-03-15 12:39 PM, Raymond House wrote:
> Hi Bob, thanks for the explanation, I have read this before and I
> like the idea but How do I go about setting this up? If I send an
> email using Thunderbird does it not go through gmail anyway?This is
> the part I don't understand.
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 12:25 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at>
> wrote:
> Hi Raymond: Not all e-mail accounts have a Web interface. The big 
> companies like Google and Yahoo and Microsoft have Web interfaces,
> but there are many mail providers that don't have Web interfaces,
> and there are many of us who use those other mail providers (such
> as your own ISP, or your own self-hosted mail server) because we
> want to keep our e-mail off the big (advertising, surveillance)
> companies like Google and Yahoo and Microsoft.
> E-mail is a different service than the World Wide Web, and so uses 
> mail client software that's dedicated to the task. Thunderbird is
> one example of a "Mail User Agent (MUA)" or mail client; Claws and 
> Evolution are others.
> Using an MUA actually gives you far more control over your e-mail.
> You can choose to download it to your own computer (or keep it on
> the server); you can access many different mail accounts from
> different providers, all at the same time; you can easily add
> encryption plugins to secure your mail; and best of all, you can
> set up your mail client so it works as you want it to, not the way
> Google or Yahoo or Microsoft tells you.
> If you're using only one mail account from only one big provider
> you may not need the multiple accounts features, but you can still
> use an MUA to get the other benefits.
> Remember that when you use a "free" service like Google or Yahoo
> or Microsoft, those services are selling *you* to their
> advertisers. Your mail is read by their 'bots, the better to find
> your what you like, where you live, who you know, and even when you
> sleep and how long. But using a mail client to connect to a mail
> service you trust will put you in control over your own data.
> --Bob.
> On 2017-03-15 11:36 AM, Raymond House wrote:
>>>> Hello all, I have been using ubuntu for many years now and I
>>>> still don't know what is the use of thunderbird.It duplicates
>>>> my gmail account,is slow,and seems complicated.I have been
>>>> trying once more to use it and it just seems to be a
>>>> duplication of gmail (or any other mail service).I'm probably
>>>> missing something here but after many bouts with it I still
>>>> don't get it.I am wondering why it is always on all the new
>>>> distros? I suppose some people like it, I don't.This is one
>>>> of the rare things that bug me about ubuntu, because I would
>>>> never use any other OS.Thanks.
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