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Wed Mar 15 16:48:21 UTC 2017

Right now I have some messages that have come in on gmail and I don't see
them on thunderbird and I cant get them up

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 12:39 PM, Raymond House <raymondh40 at>

> Hi Bob, thanks for the explanation, I have read this before and I like the
> idea but How do I go about setting this up? If I send an email using
> Thunderbird does it not go through gmail anyway?This is the part I don't
> understand.
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 12:25 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at> wrote:
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>> Hi Raymond: Not all e-mail accounts have a Web interface. The big
>> companies like Google and Yahoo and Microsoft have Web interfaces, but
>> there are many mail providers that don't have Web interfaces, and
>> there are many of us who use those other mail providers (such as your
>> own ISP, or your own self-hosted mail server) because we want to keep
>> our e-mail off the big (advertising, surveillance) companies like
>> Google and Yahoo and Microsoft.
>> E-mail is a different service than the World Wide Web, and so uses
>> mail client software that's dedicated to the task. Thunderbird is one
>> example of a "Mail User Agent (MUA)" or mail client; Claws and
>> Evolution are others.
>> Using an MUA actually gives you far more control over your e-mail. You
>> can choose to download it to your own computer (or keep it on the
>> server); you can access many different mail accounts from different
>> providers, all at the same time; you can easily add encryption plugins
>> to secure your mail; and best of all, you can set up your mail client
>> so it works as you want it to, not the way Google or Yahoo or
>> Microsoft tells you.
>> If you're using only one mail account from only one big provider you
>> may not need the multiple accounts features, but you can still use an
>> MUA to get the other benefits.
>> Remember that when you use a "free" service like Google or Yahoo or
>> Microsoft, those services are selling *you* to their advertisers. Your
>> mail is read by their 'bots, the better to find your what you like,
>> where you live, who you know, and even when you sleep and how long.
>> But using a mail client to connect to a mail service you trust will
>> put you in control over your own data.
>> - --Bob.
>> On 2017-03-15 11:36 AM, Raymond House wrote:
>> > Hello all, I have been using ubuntu for many years now and I still
>> > don't know what is the use of thunderbird.It duplicates my gmail
>> > account,is slow,and seems complicated.I have been trying once more
>> > to use it and it just seems to be a duplication of gmail (or any
>> > other mail service).I'm probably missing something here but after
>> > many bouts with it I still don't get it.I am wondering why it is
>> > always on all the new distros? I suppose some people like it, I
>> > don't.This is one of the rare things that bug me about ubuntu,
>> > because I would never use any other OS.Thanks.
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