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There seem to be two problems here:

1) Your browser is configured to open LibreOffice for video and
pictures. (I assume you use a browser to view your e-mail because of
your address)  Which browser are you using? When I save
files with IceCat (Firefox) I get a dialogue to "Open file with" (and
a drop-down menu to select the application) or "Save As". If you don't
get that, you can remove the file association with "Edit, Preferences,
Applications", selecting the content type for the file format you're
downloading, then change the Action to "Always ask".  There'll be
something similar for other browsers.

2) LibreOffice sees temporary files that it tries to recover.  Try
opening LibreOffice by itself. If the dialogue for recovery pops up
you can either recover the document, or choose to cancel the document
recovery (you may have to select "cancel" twice).  Either way, the
temporary document should now be gone. You can test by closing and
opening LibreOffice again.

If the document recovery dialogue continues to pop up then you likely
have temporary files that you don't have permission to delete. But
let's deal with that later.

- --Bob.

On 2016-12-11 10:16 AM, Raymond House wrote:
> Hello everyone, since I upgraded to 16.10 every time I get a video
> or pictures in an email I get a window Libre office 5.2 that says
> Libre office document recovery and I must click recovery and then
> Finish before the download starts.It all works well but this is new
> I never had to do this before 16.10. Any one else getting this too?
> Thanks.

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