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Thu Mar 26 19:12:47 UTC 2015

On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 1:11 PM, Liam Hilton <liambhilton at> wrote:

> Hi all, I think I misunderstood what the mailing list was for. I.e. latest
> developements, announcements etc. I seem to be receiving emails from a
> forum?
> I was hoping to somehow find a local chapter (London Ontario Canada) to
> help me learn and navigate the new to me Ubuntu OS.
> Would someone please remove this address from this list?

This list is not meant as a local list for Ontario, but more generic to the
country as a whole. The contents of the messages varies, but announcements
you may see would be announcements from anyone, anywhere in the country
organizing some event in their location. There are also lots of requests
for help, which also is the purpose of this list. Developments (in the
strictest sense) aren't often detailed on local users lists; but there are
other lists for that (ubuntu-devel-announce, for instance).

You should be able to remove yourself from the list by using the links at
the bottom of any email you receive from said list; the last link to will contain the details
so you can unsubscribe.

As for a local chapter, since I'm not anywhere near London, Ontario, I
wouldn't be able to say ;)

/ Matt
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