I'm stuck again

Stephen M. Webb stephen.webb at canonical.com
Thu Mar 19 14:29:55 UTC 2015

On 15-03-19 10:17 AM, Raymond House wrote:
> I'd like to try that Steve but I cant get the forward slash to work, it's there in white on the keyboard but all I get
> is < or > in blue, something to do with the fn function I suspect.

Sounds like your physical keyboard does not match the keyboard layout the system thinks you're using.

If you're on Ubuntu 14.04, you can go to System Settings > Text Entry and select a different keyboard layout.  The '+'
button lets you add another choice from a list and the little icon of a keyboard will display a picture of what it
thinks the keyboard looks like.

My guess is wither you have a Canadian Multilingual physical keyboard and the system is using an English (US) or English
(Canada) mapping, or vice-versa.

Setting the proper keyboard mapping will make your life a lot easier.

Of course, I could be wrong (I'm just guessing after all).

Stephen M. Webb  <stephen.webb at canonical.com>

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