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Sun Oct 19 20:06:18 UTC 2014

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Hmm... Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity?  Using the default GUI terminal

What happens when you log into a real text console? Press CTRL+ALT+F1
and log in; does that work?

Use ALT+F7 or ALT+F8 to return to the GUI.  FWIW, there are 6 text
consoles; you can switch between them with ALT+F1 through ALT+F6, or
CTRL+ALT+Fx from the GUI.

- --Bob.

On 19/10/14 03:53 PM, Raymond House wrote:
> the problem Bob, is still there, nothing happens.
> On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 3:50 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at sobac.com>
> wrote:
> That's working as designed. By not showing anything on the screen
> as you type the password imporant "sidechannel" information about
> your password is kept hidden, such as the password length.
> So, just type the password, and press enter.  You should be logged
> in just fine.
> --Bob.
> On 19/10/14 02:51 PM, Raymond House wrote:
>>>> Something unusual is happening with my daughter's laptop,
>>>> when I try to use the terminal I cant type in the password,no
>>>> password letters show but the password works fine with all
>>>> the other functions requiering it.It's a ubuntu 14.04
>>>> machine. any ideas? Thanks
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