FW: Free Webinars For Life Ending Tonight?

David M. Pelly david.pelly at hotmail.ca
Fri Mar 7 23:44:03 UTC 2014

In case anyone is interested in a free webinar system offer that is ending tonight.

I'd hate to be Cisco or any of the other companies that are hauling in every month charging us an arm and a leg to access their webinar services. 

Seriously, $499 per MONTH for 1000 people on the line? 

As you know, Google Hangouts have changed all of that, yet it's got all kinds of problems. 

There's no good signup method

There's no good way to tie in chat

There's no good way to control the broadcast room itself

There's no good way to add a buy button

There's no good way to have a buy button appear when you want it to in the presentation

I could go on... 

But now those problems are solved, through a very cool service called WebinarJam that gives you all of that, plus more. 

It's designed by marketers for marketers! 

And best of all, if you get it by midnight tonight, you'll be able to pay once then get those webinars for free for life! 

That should save you about $1200 - $6,000 or more per year! 

But it's closing down at midnight tonight, so you'd better go now and grab your copy. 

Here's the link 

I own it and I recommend it. 

Even if you're not running webinars or hangouts yet, but think you might someday, now's the time to grab your copy! 






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