Microsoft and interoperability with Linux

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Tue Mar 4 17:27:02 UTC 2014

*I frequently am not very good at speaking my mind properly.(Political
I had a bad car accident in 2005, the Hydro Pole won, the other driver was
I now have Acquired Brain Injuries in particular dis-inhibition & Memory,
that means, I say what I think and don't usually worry about offending

*The above was stated so I hopefully do not upset anyone or start a flame
*Flame wars are unproductive.*

So I will simply say "I have Nothing to hide", But I will have my Privacy
when I choose to.
I have been watching Microsoft, Bill Gates the nsa, echelon and others for
a very long time & I don't like what I see.

*There was a post just today that I approve of, it is related to Skype & a
free Open Source Software replacement that is in the works right now.*

*If it were not for Open Discussion without reprisals Linux would Not be
where it is.*
*Sometimes we disagree, that is all part of learning.*

I read this numerous times before I mailed it, fretting if I missed
something or said something I should not have.

*Please take it with the productive good intentions that were intended.*
Sorry it was so long winded and took an hour to post.

On 3 March 2014 19:28, CrankyOldBugger <crankyoldbugger at> wrote:

> A well-worded reply, Georges.  Bonus points for the Latin!
> I, too, have had enough of Microsoft in recent years.  While it would be
> hard to put together a list of all of the things they've done that have
> upset me, let's just say the top three items are the horrors of Windows
> 8.x, the horrors of Office 2013, and even more horrifying, they dropped
> Technet!  The bastards!
> But while I was sulking in my misery, I discovered Linux.  And I forced
> myself to learn it better.  Now I'm happier than I ever was with Microsoft.
>  So there's a silver lining in every dark cloud (unless that cloud is
> hosted by Amazon....)
> On 3 March 2014 18:46, Georges Rodier <georges.rodier at> wrote:
>> Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. My apologies to one and all for my poorly
>> crafted expressions of emotion evident in my original posting on
>> Microsoft and Interoperability with Linux. Rest assured that I shall
>> never again let such language appear in any future posting to an Ubuntu
>> website or mailing list. It is clear that only a drop or two of vitriol
>> can ignite some sort of flame war and such is certainly not needed
>> here.
>> However, my deeply felt distrust, dislike and thorough antipathy for the
>> mega dollar company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, has its roots
>> in a ten-year stint supporting users of its almost pervasive server and
>> desktop operating systems and especially its office suites.
>> No doubt the fellow from Redmond was promoting his company's foray into
>> interoperability but he did claim to be a developer there responsible
>> for their developing and promoting interoperability. All the same, I
>> ought not to have been intemperate in my expression and upon reflexion
>> do think it would have been better had I just not posted at all.
>> Lastly, I do hope that any who have considered leaving this mailing list
>> will remain. I deeply regret that any have left due either to my posting
>> or to any of the responses to it.
>> Georges
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