Video Editing Wanted

Pay Wahun paywahun at
Thu Feb 27 17:08:58 UTC 2014

Could anyone please tell me which and where to find a good open source for
video editing - video editor? Plus, is there any competitive Photo editor
comparable to Gimps? I've used Gimps for 4 years now and what a good
software but just want to explore others..

Also any good open source web editor - not Arachnophilia or Notepad++ but a
good one with JavaScript, Xml, PHP, DHTML among others? What about Content
management beside Joomla and Drupal any recommended one?

Long live open source and Ubuntu in particular. I have been reading here
for past 6 years in West Africa and there's no Ubuntu liserv better than
Canadian listserv - I do lots of virtualization with all major OS on my
system stable and strong. I would be moving into Cloud using /testing type
2 hyper visor before setting a full blown rack-space.

I hope to move some West African clients into the cloud to for security and
storage. This is a new venture in West Africa now catching fire.
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