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Hate to break it to yea, but "M$" contributes more code than Canonical does... Not to mention they are resposibl;e for like 20,000 lines of driver code. I'm not exactly fond of the company, I don't think many people are, even those who use it. But they do actually help GNU/Linux quite a bit more than those who we treat as prominent members of the community. 

So yea, "M$" has a very strong plays on your Linux.


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I don't think anyone should leave period, Except M$ it will never have Any place on my Linux.

It is the first thing I remove from my Ubuntu.

I have done the same thing peeved some people, unsubscribe but came back.
Linux is what I love to do.

And Ubuntu means "Humanity to Others"
My 2 cents. ;-)

But I believe some people may on the list to help as long as it stays on topic these people are probably very busy on many lists.


On 25 February 2014 12:02, Aruna Hewapathirane <aruna.hewapathirane at> wrote:

Hi Everybodyeee..

I want to very clearly state 'this' thread would not be happening right 
now if it was not for 'me' advising David Pelly to send out a email and 
'ask' from the community and see what they advise. So I feel responsible ! 

My sincere and humble apologies to one and all who may have been upset/offended by the Skype back and forth. 

When David Pelly called me and wanted guidance about his VOIP problems I shared what little I knew but then thought we have so many more 'experienced' folks out there on the list ? So why not ask them and see ? 

Not for a second did I think anyone would mind, I was wrong. All am saying is we all love Ubuntu and Linux this is the reason most if not all of us are here. I still believe in the Ubuntu philosophy which is a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. Humanity unto others ( be they open sourced or proprietary is what "I" would like to preach and practice..) 

If 'we' are not inclusive and tolerant we become just like them ? There are many a time "I" have asked questions on this list that  had nothing to do strictly with the Ubuntu OS ( may have had some relevancy but not what is considered a strictly relevant question ) and I have got flak and heat but what I also got in abundance is support and knowledge that helped resolve whatever issue I may had at the time. 

And when I was very new to the list  and I disclosed my status of health, I really did not expect to remain part of this group. I was expecting a email from the list moderators suggesting I join a hiv/aids support forum but what happened is the exact opposite. 

I feel comfortable amongst you and I have made many friends and also pissed off a few with my sometimes lame questions but all in all I have become part of the group and it is a warm feeling to know there are folks out there who do understand and who will accommodate and collaborate and help build ones capacity. 

I am saddened a long time contributor to the list decided to leave because of Skype being discussed. My way of thinking on this is the more we are 'aware' about available options out there the more we are able to make 'informed' decisions ? I understand it must have rubbed some folks the wrong way and to all of you all I can say is I am truly sorry and if anyone is to blame it is no one but 'me' for asking David in the first place to email the community. 

I have learned my lesson though, at no time in future will I ever advice anyone or ask on this list about closed source apps 
(.. unless it can be justified somehow )

I have learnt from you all and I keep learning from you on a daily basis so I would like to remain part of this list but if folks are no longer comfortable with me being around then I will unsubscribe and ask Darcy to send me a weekly digest.  

Once again my humble apologies to one and all, I hope the person who decided to leave will reconsider as we all make mistakes in life but walking away is not a solution. 

And to the opinionated blow hard conformance standards weenie who I have
 the greatest respect for simply because he was always patient, always 
ready to share and always made me 'think' all am saying Bob is if one leaves then one is depriving a lot of the community from accessing one's lived experience and expertise? 

I also say to thee: He who does not unsubscribe from the list will remain to make us die hards look foolish one day :) but then 'I' do something that does exactly that on a daily basis :)

If it was me and I was seriously pissed, I would never leave the 
community I have learned so much from, I would try and reverse engineer 
the skype deb and put it out for the community to use. 

I actually did try to exactly that and I learned a few things in the process. The skype deb I tried to break open. You can break open a .deb in to all of its component pieces. You know, 
the preinstall, postinstall scripts, the man pages and the binaries.
Was quite  learning experience but no cigar the source is not there, should have known. I tried !

I love all of you and I hope all what I have said will be taken in the spirit it is meant in. Just a academic point of interest btw on the Skype download page if you clikc the drop down it shows )

Choose your distribution:ubuntu32  Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit

uUbuntu   12.04 (multiarch)
debian32   Debian 7.0 (multiarch)
fedora32   Fedora 16 32bitsuse32    OpenSUSE 12.1 32bit

In solidarity but with sadness - Aruna ( I tried to crack open a skype deb, Jeesus what will MS think ? )

On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:04 PM, Darcy Casselman <dscassel at> wrote:


On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 4:37 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at> wrote:


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Can I still be an opinionated blowhard too?

- --Bob.

On 14-02-24 04:35 PM, Darcy Casselman wrote:

> Congratulations, Bob, you are now a list moderator. :)


> Darcy.



> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:50 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at>

> wrote:


> On 14-02-22 09:30 PM, David M. Pelly wrote:

>>>> I have a question to all you techies out there.


>>>> And it is not a Ubuntu question.


>>>> So I hope no one minds.


>>>> This forum is not overly busy with conventional use,

>>>> anyways.


> It turns out people *do* mind.  Here's a message I received this

> afternoon:


>>>> @bobjonkman so after seeing the Skype

>>>> recommendations/cheering in the ubuntu-ca ML this weekend, i

>>>> unsubscribed :(



> The reason topical mailing lists exist is to focus interest on

> that one particular topic.  This is an Ubuntu mailing list, and the

> topics that are discussed are pretty broad. How to use MagicJack

> with Ubuntu, or how to install Skype in Ubuntu would be fair game.

> But getting recommendations for a proprietary, non-free,

> privacy-robbing service not even remote related to operating

> systems isn't one of those topics.


> People are busy, but some make the effort to contribute to the

> community anyway. When others don't respect that investment of time

> by knowingly and deliberately flaunting mailing list etiquette we

> get people dropping out. This person was a long-time contributor

> and participant, and the Ubuntu Canada team is made poorer by the

> loss.


> --Bob, who is an opinionated blowhard but not a list moderator.




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