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Piero Fornoni pierofor at
Tue Feb 25 00:32:29 UTC 2014

Hi ,

I recommended Skype because somebody has a problem with VOIP.
I do not have monetary or work relation with Skype , but for me it is a useful tool .
Now it is an opportunity for everybody to propose a open source VOIP that works smoothly ,if it exists and I would be happy to test it and may to adopt it .

By the way  has anybody any knowledge of  Geekphone   is it opensource ?



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> On 14-02-22 09:30 PM, David M. Pelly wrote:
> > I have a question to all you techies out there.
> > 
> > And it is not a Ubuntu question.
> > 
> > So I hope no one minds.
> > 
> > This forum is not overly busy with conventional use, anyways.
> It turns out people *do* mind.  Here's a message I received this
> afternoon:
> > @bobjonkman so after seeing the Skype recommendations/cheering in
> > the ubuntu-ca ML this weekend, i unsubscribed :(
> The reason topical mailing lists exist is to focus interest on that
> one particular topic.  This is an Ubuntu mailing list, and the topics
> that are discussed are pretty broad. How to use MagicJack with Ubuntu,
> or how to install Skype in Ubuntu would be fair game. But getting
> recommendations for a proprietary, non-free, privacy-robbing service
> not even remote related to operating systems isn't one of those topics.
> People are busy, but some make the effort to contribute to the
> community anyway. When others don't respect that investment of time by
> knowingly and deliberately flaunting mailing list etiquette we get
> people dropping out. This person was a long-time contributor and
> participant, and the Ubuntu Canada team is made poorer by the loss.
> - --Bob, who is an opinionated blowhard but not a list moderator.
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