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Mon Feb 24 20:50:25 UTC 2014

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On 14-02-22 09:30 PM, David M. Pelly wrote:
> I have a question to all you techies out there.
> And it is not a Ubuntu question.
> So I hope no one minds.
> This forum is not overly busy with conventional use, anyways.

It turns out people *do* mind.  Here's a message I received this

> @bobjonkman so after seeing the Skype recommendations/cheering in
> the ubuntu-ca ML this weekend, i unsubscribed :(

The reason topical mailing lists exist is to focus interest on that
one particular topic.  This is an Ubuntu mailing list, and the topics
that are discussed are pretty broad. How to use MagicJack with Ubuntu,
or how to install Skype in Ubuntu would be fair game. But getting
recommendations for a proprietary, non-free, privacy-robbing service
not even remote related to operating systems isn't one of those topics.

People are busy, but some make the effort to contribute to the
community anyway. When others don't respect that investment of time by
knowingly and deliberately flaunting mailing list etiquette we get
people dropping out. This person was a long-time contributor and
participant, and the Ubuntu Canada team is made poorer by the loss.

- --Bob, who is an opinionated blowhard but not a list moderator.
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