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Yes, Eric,  I was to Whichvoip,   before posting here.

They still charge monthly, and it looks like unlimited is in Canada only.

I need unlimited to USA.

And look at the faint blue print, too.

As far as I can tell those on Whichvoip, are nto as good as Magic Jack when it was working satisfactorily.

But in any event I am keeping all options open.

And only started researching.

And I thought this was a good place to start.


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Nowadays, most of the ISP's have a VoIP option. Bell/Rogers/Xplornet, if you're in range do, whoever the big local guy is, probably does too, if they plan on growing, is.

They usually have their solution integrated into their network, so, great as far as quality, but only if you're already a customer or looking to switch anyway.

That leaves stuff like Vonage/Magic Jack, that you can slap on top of any connection.Don't know those, so search engines to the rescue....

For starters:
Looks like Ooma's a popular pick too.

On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 10:30 PM, David M. Pelly <david.pelly at> wrote:

I have a question to all you techies out there.

And it is not a Ubuntu question.

So I hope no one minds.

This forum is not overly busy with conventional use, anyways.

I have  had a Magic Jack VOIP phone system since 2011.

Up until this last summer, other than a few minor  problems  it was satisfactory.

And the cost was right.

Call were free unlimited for US and Canada.

Subscription was around 40 bucks a yr incl   $10 per yr for phone number.

No big deal.

I could call anywhere like a regular land line phone could.

Something happened last summer,  that  audio has had multiple problems.

If was not one problem it was another.

Problems have gotten so bad that the phone is sometimes unusable.

I read on line that Magic Jack  hooked up with some world wide signal carrier last summer.

And they have had problems since.

And ATT in the US is blocking MJ signals.

So that may give some insight into the problems.

Who knows for sure? 

It is dog eat dog  out there in the business world.

And long story short Magic Jack customer service is worse than bad.

I have spent many days on their on- line chat system working with their technicians and have not got the problem fixed.

If they do not get their problems fixed very soon, I need to get another phone system.

So I am doing my due diligence and research.

If I have to get another phone system, I  would like to get something of comparable features and workability.

Magic Jack  worked like a regular land line system.

I have a separate phone which was my land line phone, before I got Magic Jack.

Magic Jack had a small box that once it was programmed into the computer, it could be set on the floor and run off a cable to the modem or router and to the internet. And plug the phone into the little box, too. 

Very ingenius system, only if it would work, at least satisfactorily. .

It did until recently.

Does anyone know of any other VOIP system that is of comparable function and cost, that is working well?

I am looking at all options.

I hope someone out there has some experience  with a good system of comparable features, workability  and cost.

Or if you know of someone who does, please provide a lead. 





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