Adobe Vs. Open Source

Pay Wahun paywahun at
Wed Apr 23 02:39:35 UTC 2014

Thanks for all who helped me while I was in search for a video editor.
Along the way I found some great replacement products for the Adobe suit
and including Adobe collaboration with open source. Here's a list of mine
collections, please add to it for future library if you can.

*GIMP <>
*Seashore* <>
*Formulate Pro <> *Replaces: Acrobat
*Inkscape* <> Replaces: Illustrator

*Open Office Draw <> *Replaces

*Synfig <> *Replaces: Flash

*Audacity <> *Replaces: Soundbooth

*Avidemux <> *Replaces: Premiere

*SeaMonkey <> *Replaces: Dreamweaver

Adobe contributes to a number of projects such as HTML5,WebKit, Apache,
Zend/PHP, SQLlite.
Better JavaScript Debugging with Theseus

MIT and Adobe Research have been collaborating on an open source project
called "Theseus"

Brackets is a new open source code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript
built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
- projects that Adobe releases- projects to which Adobe contributes
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