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Sun Apr 13 14:32:14 UTC 2014

My work around is to select UK English as the dictionary.  But I would like
this to work without someone having to scratch their left ear with their
right toe.

Thanks for raising the issue. Again, this is one of those bugs that can be
a show stopper for some people. Those of us who spend much time promoting
FLOSS would like to see some time spent getting these things fixed.

Best regards,
On Apr 12, 2014 2:45 PM, "Allan" <allan at> wrote:

> Canadian English spell check in LO is not functional as it should be.
> If LANG=en_CA or en_CA.UTF-8, spell check will not work by default when
> libreoffice is installed.
> This probably affects a lot of Canadians and Canadian English
> enthusiasts in the world who specify en_CA or en_CA.UTF-8 in the
> installer and then find their spell check to be not working in LO, with
> no warning at all.
> More details below:
> What happens is:
> The language will display English (Canada) in LO but no spelling
> mistakes will be highlighted. When a full spell check is performed, a
> dialogue box appears with the misleading message: "The spellcheck is
> complete."
> US English spell check will work.
> The cause is:
> libreoffice will pull hunspell-en-us, not hunspell-en-ca.
> Installing the hunspell-en-ca package installs the Canadian English
> dictionary and effectively fixes spell check.
> \\
> I've noticed this for years with various Ubuntu installers. I can't say
> for all of them right now though, as I've recently only used the 13.10
> minimal install (where this is still happening).
> A fix would be to pull the hunspell-en-ca package as appropriate
> depending on the LANG settings.
> This should work with other variants too.
> A warning should also be displayed if the dictionary is not present for
> the selected language.
> It'd be nice to know if this issue affects you, or if you want to
> implement the fix.
> Kind regards,
> Allan
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