Canadian English LO spell check

Kim Kulak kim at
Sat Apr 12 19:55:46 UTC 2014

On 14-04-12 11:45 AM, Allan wrote:
> Canadian English spell check in LO is not functional as it should be.
> If LANG=en_CA or en_CA.UTF-8, spell check will not work by default when
> libreoffice is installed.

Thank you, Allan! I was just wrestling with this yesterday. What I
ended up doing was selecting the USA spell checker. Tools -> Language
-> For all Text -> English (USA), under the assumption that the US
spell checker was better than no spell checker at all. When I saw your
note I installed hunspell-en-ca, set the language back to "English
(Canada) and can spell "color" as "colour" again!

Bye the way, almost skipped your email completely. Took a bit of
thinking to recognize that LO stood for Libre Office. I was taught to
write for the reader.


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