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Hi Daniel,

Pithy ? Uh-uh I was just trying to keep things simple and accurate. And my
french sucks but I had to try ? My buddy just told me I was supposed to say
"de rien" but then he is french and a stickler for details and a standards
conformance weenie like bob :-)

I used to drive when I was living in Missisauga up in Malton but realised
if I move downtown, sell the wheels that is 400 dolars I save in insurance
and transit is most times relaible and on time in the downtown core ( and
cars are for rich folks where as am a poor soul :-) and now a confirmed
pedestrian and TTCarian !

Mint is usually great out of the box, strange hmm ? I know a wee bit about
hardware but I feel Charles who runs the working center up in Kitchner is
your man if you need support.

Pithy ? I wasn't pithy... lol

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Daniel Villarreal
<youcanlinux at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Aruna Hewapathirane
> <aruna.hewapathirane at gmail.com> wrote:
> > My pleasure to contribute ... and I thank you all for allowing me to do
> so.
> >
> > No thank's necessary it is simply what 'we' do when it comes to Linux
> issues
> > or day to day life issues and struggles everyone goes through at one
> time or
> > another. I think it is the philosophy we believe in and the Linux/Ubuntu
> > Culture maybe ?
> ...
> > There is a Mega Bus service ... as little as 7 bucks... sales for $1.00
> yup just a buck :-)
> >
> > The casino buses are also there, $36 bucks... BUT you have to go in and
> play a few
> > dollars... We come down to Falls at times so may look you up one of
> these days and
> > if you and the family get to Toronto please do look me up.
> >
> > Smiles to you and your loved ones too Daniel :-) Have a very pleasant
> day !
> HI Aruna,
> Thanks for the pithy response to Raymond, resolving his screen capture
> issue!
> I don't need bus service, at least not yet! Good tips though, thanks.
> I had an issue with Linux Mint freezing up, switched from Nouveau to
> NVIDIA drivers,
> seemed to improve a bit, but I was still having problems. I tolerated
> the Nouveau freeze-ups for
> a long time, and my temporary solution was to ssh in from my home
> network and just reboot. The NVIDIA
> drivers seemed to provide nicer graphics, but the computer would still
> freeze. I finally got tired of doing this.
> Now I I'm trying the stock Intel video chip and the system
> automatically stopped using
> the NVIDIA drivers, wish me luck!
> I'll be contacting you at some point...
> thanks again, take care!
> Daniel Villarreal
> youcanlinux.org/
> > Aruna Hewapathirane
> > Consultant/Trainer
> > Phone : 647-709-9269
> > Website: Open Source Solutions

*Aruna Hewapathirane*
Phone : 647-709-9269
Website: <http://goog_1768911931>Open Source

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