photos (Verdi R-D)

gord campbell gordc2005 at
Wed Sep 25 15:19:04 UTC 2013

When I tried this procedure, Archive Manager said it could not open that
file type.

However, when I right-clicked the file and selected Open With Archive
Mounter, it appeared on my desktop -- as a folder. Within that was a
folder named Pictures, and I could select images, copy them elsewhere,

When I was done, I right-clicked on the file on my desktop and selected
Unmount, and it went away.

You wrote:
This is my (dumb/complicated) process to extract images from a .pps

1. Copy and rename the file to .ppt
2. Open the .ppt in LibreOffice
3. Save as .odp
4. Open the .odp file with file-roller (Archive Manager)
5. Extract the Pictures directory with the images.

Hope this helps.

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