Daniel Villarreal youcanlinux at
Tue Sep 24 11:58:19 UTC 2013

Thank you ... Launchpad ... same answer ... I have to download the
attachment to get them all and when I do that the pictures take up all
the screen and I loose the launcher and can't do  anything to capture
the pic, nothing on the screen but the picture.Nothing happens when I
try with the mouse. Any ideas on this ?
Aside from using something like
and to keep things simple, I'm thinking you might consider opening the
file in LibreOffice and do the
old-fashioned Shift-PrintScreen and paste into GIMP. Then it becomes a
matter of saving and optimizing the photos and importing into
how to transfer photos from an PPS attachment slideshow to Shotwell
photo manager?

Raymond, You're most welcome.

You might open synaptic and search for and install Scrot (screen
capture  utility). Once it's installed, 'man scrot' for instructions.
You can set a delay in seconds.


Open GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), File, Create, Screenshot,
Select "Take screenshot of the entire screen," Set your delay in
seconds that you need. Open your picture.


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