Call for Ubuntu Release Parties!

Verdi R-D verdi at
Wed Sep 11 23:41:07 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

It's almost October again and we all know what that means. Another month of
release parties!

Already planning on hosting one? Let us know by sending the group an email
and adding the event to the LoCo events page.

New to hosting release parties? It's actually pretty easy!

   - Find a central neutral space for everyone to meet and celebrate
   - Organize food and or drink for the event (Potlucks work too)
   - Let people know about your event far in advance and remind then as
   time approaches
   - If you can, make up event posters to help publicize your event

Not sure what to do at a release party? Here are some ideas.

   - Get your guests to bring their laptops and do a group install-fest
   - Organize a LAN party using FOSS software
   - Arrange for speaker(s) to come out and talk about what they love about
   FOS software or force people to present on the spot

Last but certainly not least, remember take photos and have fun!

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