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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Tue Sep 3 05:39:03 UTC 2013

Doug Stewart wrote:
> When I boot Ubuntu from a memory stick how do I tell ubuntu to fix 
> the grub on the main hard drive and not the one on the memory stick?

It's best to use the same version of Ubuntu on the USB stick that you
have installed on the hard drive.

This is all done from a commandline terminal.

0. If you're not logged in as root you can do it with:
     sudo -i

1. Mount the Ubuntu partition (if it isn't mounted already)
     mount /dev/sda1 /target
   Your Ubuntu partition may not be on sda1; be sure to use the correct
   block device name

2. Switch the root context to the Ubuntu partition
     chroot /target

3. Install grub to the drive (note: sda not sda1)
     grub-install /dev/sda

4. For good measure, ensure that grub is up-to-date

If you have a different version of Ubuntu you'll have to mount or
softlink system folders like /bin and /sbin -- let us know if that's a

Let us know if you have success!


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On 13-09-02 06:32 PM, Doug Stewart wrote:
> I have a toshiba lap top with windows 8 on it. we then repartitioned 
> it using windows 8 and installed ubuntu but grub failed to find 
> windows 8 I then did something in widows 8 and ended up being able
> to dual boot(not using grub) ( I can't remember what I did!!!). This
> all worked from may to now.
> The system is using UEFI and the ubuntu partition is # 6
> We now tried to to install windows 7 in place of windows 8.
> Windows 7 froze and would not get ready to install. We found using 
> google the we should turn off UEFI to get so we can install windows 
> 7. We did this and then windows 7 did load and got ready to install. 
> but we did not install anything. We decided that there were some 
> files in ubuntu that should be backed up first. We tried a reboot
> --- but had to change back to UEFI Tried again but now no dual boot
> --- just windows 8   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then booted Ubuntu from a
> memory stick and found the files and did a backup !!
> I tried using easybcd to setup dual booting in windows 8 but no luck 
> so far.
> so my question is:
> When I boot Ubuntu from a memory stick how do I tell ubuntu to fix 
> the grub on the main hard drive and not the one on the memory stick?
> I have used super grub in the past so maybe this is the way to go?
> Doug

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