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Thank you for your reply and posting your  story.

I agree with you almost entirely.

Except  that  you say messages such as mine (and yours) should only be posted on lists dedicated to such subjects.

The fact is  that the people on those lists are aware of the problems we posted. 

So it is  the people who are not on those lists, who need to know about such matters.

Therefore it is necessary to spread the word where ever there are people.

There can hardly be anything more important than people.

And it was not my intent to start a "discussion".

It was to make a "statement". 

:) :) 

Now in regards to your will to live and resulting survival, in spite of such adversity,  I commend you highly.

Not too many people would of survived what I did either.

I will enter  your phone  number in my book. 

Blessings my friend, 

and a long, healthy and prosperous  life too. 


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Dear David,

Lets start over shall we ? A warm welcome to you friend from the Canadian Linux community :-)

If it makes you feel any better "I" am living with a long term disability, my immune system has been compromised. You being the person you are am sure you can draw your own conclusions. It is not infectious but there is huge stigma attached to the ailment my friend. The point am trying to make is the doctors gave me two weeks to live this was way back in 1998 and this is fourteen years on am not dead and buried am alive, health is stable and am contributing to society as best I can.

Life can at times be a struggle and difficult especially when you are rejected by society and the stigma but this is due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness. Ignorance and pre-conceived mind-sets of people can be difficult to change. Behaviour change can be effected with the dissemination of correct information, rasing of levels of awareness and most important by breaking the silence and getting folks to have a dialogue.

I live in Toronto and if you are not too far away I am willing to come and literally hold your hand and walk you through until you are sufficiently comfortable with Ubuntu to go it alone. If you require support and it is within my limited skill-sets you are most welcome to call me 647-709-9269 or if you prefer email you can reach me through aruna.hewapathirane at gmail.com. You have my solemn promise and my word I will help you.

However, that being said I do not feel this list is the most appropriate place for you to initiate a discussion on mental health. There are many forums out there and agencies I volunteer with I can make the linkages if you are interested and feel this may be beneficial to you.

As Darcy just said as long as it is a computer problem or an issue with Ubuntu am sure I speak for us all we are all here and willing to help you.

Have faith David, all mankind is not evil. There are some very unique altruistic people around :-)

To everyone else on the list please respect what I have shared with you all about my status of health, I did so because I trust this group. And no you can't get it through email :-) I would very much appreciate it if everyone else develops a bout of sudden acute amnesia and this never happened ? Thank you .


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On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 11:20 AM, David M. Pelly <david.pelly at hotmail.ca> wrote:

Dear Gord, Colin and Aruna , and to whom ever else it may concern,

The thread that I initiated has  spurred and  stimulated necessary and beneficial responses, to expose and bring to light the better standards of the people in the group.

Any group is only as good as the sum of it's members.

 I thank you all for speaking up, and making yourself known. 


In hope I have enlightened some people on this list.

If anyone wants any more information on this subject,  you can contact me back channel.

Because at least 30% of society has some form of mental illness or mental problems.

Probably closer to 50%. 

I have never met a person who, I thought could not use some form of mind improvement.

It is all a matter of degree.

Mental illness by any other name,  is still mental illness.

And there are  almost as many types of mental illness as there are people.

The best science can do is categorize them.

And I am sure there is a cure for every type.

But this field is still in it's infancy.

Have a great day,


I have read what you said, and would like to say that I am sure that we can help you with your computer questions.



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