How to convert pdf back to libre office? (David M. Pelly)

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If whether you get paid or not, or how much you get paid,  determines your attitude and quality of service,  you are not an honest man and a man of poor character.

An honest man and a man of noble character gives any effort his best attitude, all of his intelligence,  and best quality service  whether he gets paid or not, or whether he gets paid minimum wage or a hundred  dollars an hour. 

He is always professional. 

Even if it is being a professional human being,  a professional citizen, a professional member of the human race. 

He always goes beyond the call of duty.

Always strives to exceed people's expectations.


> Subject: Re: How to convert pdf back to libre office? (David M. Pelly)
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> Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 23:22:39 -0400
> Hi David,
> > I am using "Ubuntu list"  because Libre is a Linux product.
> This is completely untrue. Just today, I installed the latest
> LibreOffice on Windows Server 2008 R2 for a project I am doing.
> Linux is not equal to "open source."
> > I use Rogers telecom Techxpert for $10  per months.  If I have any
> problem,  I click on "chat with a Techxpert" on my desk top screen icon
> and they come on line in minutes and and I get the problem solved
> quickly  and with very good attitudes. 
> The people at Rogers are paid to help you. Everyone on this list is a
> volunteer, so we expect you to make some effort to solve your own
> problems, what with Wikipedia and Google.
> > No customer service skills.
> Yup, that's me -- except when it comes to actual customers.
> -- 
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