How to convert pdf back to libre office?

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Any product is only as good as it's service.

I tried to use Ubuntu for a few months and I had too many problems and too poor service.

Sometimes it takes days or weeks to get a reply.

And often with a sarcarstic   "attitude", often talking down to me, like you are.

Very, very  unprofessional. 

No people skills.

Poor communication skills. 

No customer service skills.

Very low calibre.

More like:  "Pool room-  bar attitude" 

Pretty much "smart ass"  talk.

Very much unrefined- rogue  people. 

Very low on the scale of intellectual and professional development. 

Not everyone, but most. 

Bob in KW and a guy in Calgary  stand above the crowd. 

And often I get an answer in "computer speak" , which a person has to have  a degree in computer science or something equivalent  to understand.

I am 60 yrs old and getting a bit senile already.

If a person is a "geek"  then I can see the good in Ubuntu.

But Ubuntu is not user friendly for non geeks  or old foggies. 

So I switched back to Windows.

I use Rogers telecom Techxpert for $10  per months.  If I have any problem,  I click on "chat with a Techxpert" on my desk top screen icon and they come on line in minutes and and I get the problem solved quickly  and with very good attitudes. 

Rogers is a major IP - phone and cable tv  provider  in Ontario.

 They will bend over backwards to help with just about anything on the computer or on line.  

And as soon as I am done, I get a "customer satisfaction"  questionaire, where I evaluate the service I got and send it to them.

All true professionals and respectable companies and people who want to be the best,  use customer satisfaction questionnaires now. 

Professionals know that critics are their best teachers. 

Rogers  will not help with Ubuntu.

I am using "Ubuntu list"  because Libre is a Linux product.

I was on the Libre page and I can't make head or tail from it.

Thanks for the rest of your information.

Will give a shot tomorrow.  Too late tonight. 



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      I'm somewhat confused.. If you are using libre under windows, why
      post to an Ubuntu list?


      In future before converting anything from one format to
      another, always save a backup, for example your original xyz.doc
      also saved as xyz.doc.bak so if things go awry you can go back to
      the original and start again. This will save you many hours of
      head scratching and frustration both now and in the future. 


      You could try an online service such as 



      To get your .doc back from the .pdf, depending on how 'sensitive'
      the .pdf content is of course.  Let us know if this works please.









      .  On 09/01/13 17:27, David M. Pelly wrote:



        Thank you for your reply. 



        I am using libre on windows.


        This is what I found:



            Import does not show in Extension Manager
             asked May
                  28 '13 

              This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma
                >75 is welcome to improve it.
                  Jun 11 '13 

                  6546  ●7
                    ●39 ●67  
          PDF Import does not show in Extension Manager. It was
          installed on LO4 and Debian Testing (Wheezy) via "aptitude
          install libreoffice-pdfimport". 

          It is interesting to see that the very first item under
          features (/ is PDF
          Import, but it not found anywhere at the Extension Center
          ( This needs to
          be corrected, too.

          Also, it still very problematic with many PDF files.

          Last, but not least, the TAGS box below needs to be adjusted
          to allow more than 20 characters per tag. For example, I just
          tried to enter "libreoffice-pdfimport", but it did not allow.





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          Subject: Re: How to convert pdf back to libre office?

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          Hi David

          There is a PDF importer for LibreOffice. You can download it
          from the extensions download.


          Jun Kerr

          On Sep 1, 2013 10:02 AM, "David M.
            Pelly" <david.pelly at>


                  I made a libre office document.


                    I wanted to send it to someone, so I converted it to


                    Now, I want to edit it and I see the original libre
                    doc is gone.



                    And the pdf won't let me edit it.


                    If it is possible, I don't see how? 


                     It is not user friendly.


                    I would prefer to be able to convert the pdf back to
                    libre office doc.



                    Can that be done?


                    If so how?










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