Vermont anti-patent troll legislation[possible OT for ca or ubuntu]

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Fri May 24 05:06:17 UTC 2013

On 23/05/2013 3:02 PM, Geekus Villagius wrote:
Hi Ralph:
     Was not sure about the article from the CBC regarding the 
implementation of an anti-SLAPP law, [In Vermont] and how it may relate 
to the Open-Source Community efforts to bring Open Source products to 
the world?

Since the only discussion, perhaps for marking as OT (Off-Topic), as it 
is some what related to IP (Intellectual Property), and Patent Infringement.

An Interesting piece(ONLY AFTER READING the article), but I need to ask 
, as my head is throbbing from all of the techno speak of the original 
Patent Assignment.

It appears that the patents in question have never been tested in court.

Whats that got to do with A) Canada or B) Ubuntu?:-)

Perhaps you may be pointing to the quick turn-around time for a 
Legislature to get its act together [ahem], and pass a law that 
prohibits an activity that harms one of its constituencies (Corporations 
who use Scanners to directly send e-mail documents in one press of the 
'Go' Button),

then again, it may just highlight the need to have Open Source Scanner 
Software , so the original problem would be moot, as an Open Source 
Implementation of One Button Scan-to-Send would invalidate the claims of 
the Patent enforcement Beagles , and prevent the problems that Vermont 
Biz were faced with when Letters of Compliance were sent to VT Businesses.

If they were using Ubuntu Desktops ,and FLOSS software would the 
companies in Vermont be subject to the "Licence Demands" of the Patent 
Attorneys? I'm not a Patent Attorney, but If the software was covered by 
the Creative Commons Licences, then they would not be going after the 
companies that are using the software implementation of the Claimed Patent.

The Implementation of Closed Source drivers highlights the need to have 
Open-Source implementations as well (IMHO).


[PS. This E-mail is typed on an Open Source Implementation of an 
original product formerly known as Netscape Communicator, but now known 
as Thunderbird. The Thunderbird Implementation is a variation, but is 
not the same as Netscape's version of Communicator. Similar in principle 
to the marketing of 'Super' branded Gasoline s to the Canadian Public, 
with the implementation of Electronic Engine Controls, the use of 
'Super' blends have been obsoleted ]
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