Why is Libre not working properly?

David M. Pelly david.pelly at hotmail.ca
Fri Jul 26 00:44:18 UTC 2013

My libre on windows xp seems to be falling apart.

First,  it was loosing files.

And it would not list any more than 10 files. 

And other crap was entering into it, replacing my documents.

Like several empty files ( except for a few bits of meaningless stuff on it)  that had something to do with facebook, snuck into libre.

Then it crashed a few times  in the last few days.

It would give me a window saying that it crashed and was trying to retrieve my data.

Then the last time, it would not recover.

It seized up, froze.

Wouldn't do anything.

Then I rebootted and it opened up, but with the left quarter of my document missing.

Also, for the last while, when I was opening libre  up,  it would often give me a window that said the file I wanted did not exist.

Yet when I closed that window message, I did find my file.

Why is it doing this?

And how do I fix it?

How do I prevent it from happening again?


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