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My libre files on Ubuntu all got lost forever when my Ubuntu fried a few weeks ago.

So I am using Libre on windows.

I should of said that first time.

My bad.

My experience level is on the low end.


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The Best place to look is in your "Home" folder sometimes on the desktop.
That will show you all your folders.
What Ubuntu are you using ?

What desktop?
Gnome, Mate, Top left of your screen "Places", "Home Folder"
Or, Left side Dash, Files, Home folder.
Be careful do not delete anything in "Files"

Mint bottom left like windows "Home Folder or what ever name you are using.

Or they could be in the "Trash"

I am sorry I don't know what your experience level is.

On 24 July 2013 17:40, David M. Pelly <david.pelly at> wrote:

I am using Libre.

1.  I  have lots of documents on it somewhere.

The recent documents window shows only 10.

I can't find the rest anywhere on my computer.

Can someone please help me find them?

That is tell me where they could be?

2.  And other problem is that there are a number of empty documents from something related to facebook coming from some where and entering my libre file.




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