Let's Jam Canada! Ubuntu Style

Randall Ross randall at executiv.es
Sun Feb 24 20:40:08 UTC 2013

Greetings fellow Canadian-ites!

This message is important. I hope you'll read it from start to finish.

So, we're less than a week from the Ubuntu Global Jam (March 1st, 2nd,
3rd 2013) and what can be said about our fine country known for it's
commitment to freedom, and by extension our support of Ubuntu?

2 Ubuntu Global Jams. Kitchener. Vancouver.

Really? 2!!? Really??

I'm a little shocked/dismayed that we aren't stepping up to bat on this.
We've got a bunch of large cities in this country that could easily grab
a handful of Ubuntu enthusiasts and meet informally (or formally) to
talk about Ubuntu. We could easily be the country in the world that has
the most Ubuntu Global Jams. We could easily set the standard for
countries around the world.

Why not do it? Give me 5 good reasons. The first 5 don't count.

Here's my  *most conservative* estimate of the number of people enjoying
Ubuntu in Canada's 10 most populous cities (that aren't currently

Toronto     13,000    
Montreal     8,000    
Calgary     5,500    
Ottawa     4,400    
Edmonton     4,100    
Mississauga     3,500   
Winnipeg     3,300      
Brampton     2,600   
Hamilton     2,600    
Quebec City   2,600

I hope some fine Ubuntu people out there will heed this call and get
things happening in your town/city. Ubuntu will only be great in Canada
if you step-up and make it great! You can make Ubuntu great in your
city. Yes... you!

Please register an event in your town/city here:


Please do it today, without further thought.

Or, would you like to see another 20 years of hegemony and monopoly?
Another 20 years of technology that uses people? More mansions in
Redmond and Los Altos Hills?

I don't either. Let's Jam!

Questions? Ask me.

Ubuntu Buzz Generator and Jam Guy.

P.S. More information about the Ubuntu Global Jam is here:

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