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Thanks Doug.

Much appreciated.


It sounds like you have a hardware problem. A "clunk" is usually either 
caused by a bad hard drive or fan. If it's loud and sounds solid, it's 
probably the hard drive, which might explain why it likes a nice solid 
reboot at night (you may be getting corruption).
If the drive is relatively new (less than 5 years), try using gsmartctl to 
run tests on your hard drive and see if it is still functioning properly.
You didn't mention if it's a desktop or laptop machine. If it's a desktop, 
checking the fans should be fairly easy. Open the case and check for:
-Something jamming a fan periodically (wires run too close to blades, etc)
-Heavy dust build-up
-Fan not spinning
Remember that there is also a fan in the power supply, so check that one 
as well.
If the hard drive *is* bad, back up everything and replace it A.S.A.P. Do 
a FRESH install on the new hard drive as the system files on your old
one are most likely corrupted.
A.K.A. DarwinSurvivor
On Tue, 19 Feb 2013, David M. Pelly wrote:
> I am running Ubuntu 12.04  on  a HP Compaq.
> I have been finding that it is best to unplug my computer and modem for the night for best operation during the day, vs putting it to sleep at night.
> Otherwise firefox wants to stall  and the screen light dims.
> It still happens,  but not as bad.
> This morning when I plugged everything back in,  and  started up my computer  and clicked on  firefox,  it (firefox) would not respond at first.  It was like it was
> dead.
> I clicked on firefox a number of times and finally it opened up.
> But while it was opening up,  there was a clunk noise in the computer.
> Everything seems to be working ok at this time, but I am  concerned  what happened and why and where it will lead to.
> Can anyone please explain?
> What should I do?
> David

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