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Doug Penner darwinsurvivor at
Sun Aug 18 13:51:56 UTC 2013

There are many reasons to use Thunderbird (or any other remote client for 
that matter)

- Faster (more responsive)
- Multiple accounts in 1 interface
- Better searching (yes, it IS better than gmail's!)
- Supports PGP with a simple addons
- Did I mention addons?!?
- Multiple window/tab support
- Better and configurable shortcuts
- More settings that can be changed
- Multiple signature/identity support
- Works better over slow connections (ONLY the email goes over the network)
- Respects your computers theme/layout (high-contrast, etc)
- Proper import/export and email saving functions
- Inline attachment viewing (just keep scrolling...)
- WAY more themes to chose from

That's my 2 minute top-of-my-head list, I'm sure I've missed a lot of

On Sun, 18 Aug 2013, raymond wrote:

> Hi all, why use thunderbird mail? It is only duplicating what I get through 
> my gmail account (in my case).And it's slower at start up because it must get 
> the mail info from my other mail accounts.I know that it stores my mail in my 
> computer, is that it's sole purpose? It seems like a lot of duplication to 
> me, can anyone clear this up for me,  Thanks.
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