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Hey, Toronto Ubuntoids:  There's a picnic for Linuxy types:

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Subject: [TLUG-ANNOUNCE]: Reminder: Linux in the Park 2013
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What : An informal get together for Linux geeks, freaks and friends

When : August 17th, 2013 from 10:00 AM on.

Where : We will be meeting just north of Sylvan Avenue, in Dufferin
Grove Park, on Dufferin Street a short distance south of Bloor Street
West, see this map :

By TTC go to the Dufferin Subway station and walk south (about a 10
minute walk for most people) or take the number 29 Dufferin bus
southbound. By car, there is some parking on Sylvan or in the Dufferin
Mall across the street.

Why : Because excuses to talk about Linux are always welcome

How : We will do this sort of pot-luck style. So, bring enough food
and drink for yourself, plus everyone you are bringing as a guest,
plus bring enough for one more person to share (we want everyone to go
away feeling full). If you forget anything, there is the Dufferin Mall
across the street, with a supermarket (No-Frills), a department store
that sells some food items (Wal-Mart) plus a number of smaller
specialty stores.

City rules prohibit alcoholic beverages in the park, if you must
indulge, there is at least one LCBO licensed restaurant in the
Dufferin Mall across the street from the park (Swiss Chalet).

We have two volunteers offering to bring small camp stoves to heat hot
dogs and other modest size food items, if you would would like to
bring a gas or liquid powered stove/BBQ please co-ordinate with
colin.mc151 at (solid fuel stoves (charcoal, briquettes, wood,
etc.) are prohibited in Dufferin Grove park).

There is WiFi in the park thanks to the folks at Wireless Toronto,
though in before announcement tests we found the WiFi to be
The Toronto Linux Users Group.      Meetings:

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