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On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:25 PM, gord campbell <gordc2005 at> wrote:
> For those who are still wondering, under System Settings there is a
> Privacy setting. You can turn "online" for searches off there. It's the
> first thing I do after installing 12.10, which I have done several
> times. :(

I wish I could provide with a "simpler" way to do this. Maybe write a
simple script to run and toggle gsettings settings to do the usual
customizations you do after installing computers?

> It runs OK until I install Nvidia Current. Oh, except for the random,
> total system lockups, which are absolutely not caused by hardware or
> overheating. I dual boot Mint 13 (64-bit with Cinnamon) and Mint has
> never crashed in the five months it has been installed. Nor did Ubuntu
> 10.10 before it.

Are you sure those are really not from hardware issues? Lockups are
very unfrequently caused by software (unless of course it's unstable
kernel drivers).

I'd be interested to know about it. What drivers or applications could
be causing these lockups? Please try to file a bug in Launchpad if you
can figure out what's breaking :)

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