Power Management in Ubuntu

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Also yo can check jupiter out:

On 2012-10-13, at 2:11 PM, Verdi R-D <verdi at azend.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> For the past many years I've been using Ubuntu, power management wasn't great. Often I would find my self getting a couple hours less battery life in Ubuntu than I would in the Windows based counterpart. Recently however, I was watching the Linux Action Show (as I often do) and they were talking about power management and battery life optimization. They mentioned that, in many occasions, by just installing the laptop-mode-tools package, your laptop would get an extra hour or so on battery. Furthermore, you could increase your battery life even more by installing an application called PowerTOP. This application goes and shows you the individual application called processor wakeups and gives you a rough generalization on if specific applications are being power efficient or if they could still be further optimized.
> Being as I've obviously been living in a hole the past couple of years, does anyone have any other tips on optimizing/getting more battery life in Ubuntu?
> Thanks,
> Verdi
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