Ubuntu's Best-Kept Support Secret, Until Now

Randall Ross randall at executiv.es
Mon Oct 1 15:23:37 UTC 2012

Having troubles with Ubuntu? Can't find anyone in your town/city to help
you in person? No Ubuntu LoCo nearby? Can't move to Vancouver? That sucks.

Luckily though, there's a place to go online that can help sort out your
issues systematically and efficiently:

Ask Ubuntu <http://askubuntu.com>

This place is *jam packed* with experts. Many of them are Ubuntu
developers. And, once logged your issue will become part of a searchable
database that will potentially help hundreds, or thousands of Ubuntu
people just like you.

Recently, one of the site's primary moderators, Marco Ceppi, was
interviewed by OSSWatch. Here's what he had to say:

"I’d hardly used Launchpad Answers [an existing site for Ubuntu Q&A]
because of low search engine rankings

"Ubuntu Forums... I remember some very late nights reading huge threads
just trying out solutions every other page to find that they’re obsolete
and a new solution was just a few pages away.

"Ask Ubuntu is more for those people who have a problem, go to a search
engine, then click a link and expect a fix. On Ask Ubuntu questions are
constantly being filtered by the community and answers are voted on,
making sure the most relevant and accurate answers is the next thing you
read after the question. Ask Ubuntu really benefits the 90% of the
people who visit the site and just want an answer."

The entire interview can be found here:

The secret is now no secret to Ubuntu Canada. Go out and Ask Ubuntu
<http://askubuntu.com> . You'll be glad you did ;)

Ubuntu Vancouver Buzz Generator.

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