So, does the USB Disk Creator actually work at all?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at
Sun Nov 4 07:39:32 UTC 2012

Funny, I had just the opposite experience at our KW Ubuntu Release Party
- the Ubuntu Disk Creator from 12.10 kept crashing, which was also
reported by other people on the #ubuntu-release-party IRC channel. For
me, the 12.04 version worked fine.

I would have thought they'd fixed the 12.10 Ubuntu Disk Creator by now,
but I'm not running 12.10 on my main computer yet.  That particular
issue, plus a video problem on another install (and some vague memories
of other problems) have made my shy away from upgrading for the moment.

Is it me, or do the x.10 versions have more problems than the x.04
versions?  I also remember 11.10 being particular, and 9.10 was very
flakey indeed...


On 12-11-04 02:09 AM, Brian Burger wrote:
> So I pulled down the 12.10 ISO instead of the 12.04.x LTS ISOs I'd been
> using previously, and the Disc Creator actually worked... this was inside a
> 12.10 desktop install, so perhaps there's some undocumented bug/"feature"
> that causes the Creator to only work with an ISO of the same version as
> it's running on? No clue, I now have a working Live USB so I don't have to
> use Win7 for the next two weeks...
> Brian

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