So, does the USB Disk Creator actually work at all?

Brian Burger blurdesign at
Sat Nov 3 10:20:48 UTC 2012

Past 0300 Friday night/Saturday morning here in BC, and I'm still trying to
get Ubuntu 12.10's USB Disk Creator to actually, you know, create a damn
USB disk. On Sunday I'm off for a two-week work assignment in Fort McMurray
with a Win7 netbook a friend has been kind enough to loan me, given that
taking my usual Ubuntu desktop computer is kind of impractical. I'd rather
not be stuck in someone else's Win7 install, though, so I fired up the USB
Disk Creator to make a persistant Live USB key.

I've tried three different USB keys (one 2GB, two different 4GB), both
FAT32 & FAT16 formatting, and re-downloaded the ISO twice (one straight
download, one by torrent for the extra error-checking capability of the
torrent protocol) and for the first few failures it threw an error message
up and then fell over gracelessly; now it just seems to fall over

I've tried at least eight attempts, not one of which has resulted in a
bootable USB key. The ISO is fine, the USB keys are known to work and one
of them is brand-new, bought just this Friday afternoon.

I pick up the loaner netbook sometime Saturday and fly out Sunday midday...
anyone got any ideas or had any luck with actually getting a usable LiveUSB
in 12.10? I'm not much looking forward to being stuck with Win7 and stuck
in Fort Mac at the same time...

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