ubuntu-ca Digest, Vol 92, Issue 1

gord campbell gordc2005 at velcom.ca
Sat Nov 3 03:22:53 UTC 2012

Previous versions included linux-headers-generic, I think. Nouveau is
what I get if I don't install a proprietary driver.

I thought my problems were over, then Ubuntu 12.10 locked up on me twice
in 12 hours. That's it for me: I will run Mint 13 (64-bit with Cinnamon)
and boot Ubuntu 12.10 if I really must, for my column in Full Circle

My (2010) laptop has ATI video, and Ubuntu 12.10 doesn't offer a
proprietary driver.

On Fri, 2012-11-02 at 12:00 +0000, ubuntu-ca-request at lists.ubuntu.com
> Heh. Learn something new every time.
> I hadn't tried the Nouveau drivers(9600GSO, kept flatlining the system
> on
> either closed or nothing-additional drivers), so that's interesting.
> Now
> that has me wondering if linux-headers-generic was installed on that
> build(nuked it a while back, ordered an ATI out of frustration).

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