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How true.  I set my MUA (Thunderbird) to send only plain text, and
also to display only plain text.  A nice MUA (Mail User Agent, ie.
e-mail program) that sends HTML mail will also send a plain text
portion, so that's the part I see.

Some MUAs send only HTML messages, and I can usually see them too
(Thunderbird does support HTML), but if I'm reading in a text-only MUA
I see nothing but HTML codes.  And then there's some MUAs that send
HTML with a plain-text portion that says "Please switch to an HTML
program".  I don't know what to do with messages from these last two
types of MUAs...

- --Bob, who doesn't know what to do with *people* that send messages
from these last two types of MUAs

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On 12-06-27 03:53 PM, Geekus Villagius wrote:
> Not having formatting tools isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some 
> people prefer to get plain text email, especially if the typical 
> rich text is not displayed well or not as the sender intended. 
> Mixing meaning with presentation tends to be problematic.

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